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    LFG 1 Player LF Weekends Game Sat or Sun CST US Time Zone prefer 5E

    FG License: Ultimate
    Time Zone: CST
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: SAT/SUN 7pm-10pm or a bit later if needed.
    Term: Long preferred but willing to do a one shot (or two )
    Voice: Discord, Skype, or can use any that is needed.

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5E
    Game System Experience: 30+ years
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Very little - noobish

    Character Type Preferred: Any
    About me: I have been playing D&D off and on for more than 30+ years. I enjoy both RP and hack-n-slash dungeon crawls.

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    Standard License
    Time Zone -1 CST - your times would work pefectly
    Voice - any is fine

    D&D 5e preferred
    Game experience very minimal. I haave read lots of fantasy over the years. Im 36 years old. I played a little ad&d 2nd edition 20 years ago. Played my first game today since then. It was a blast from the past.
    A good mix of Hack and Slash and RP

    Im happy to play pretty much anything. It says you are for 1 player which makes me think you already have a group, so whatever the group would need most i would play.

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    may I join?
    I have not plane a lot of d&d
    sorry If I misspell something

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    wlould love to join

    i'm new to fantasy grounds, haven't played any games yet. spanish is my native language, i have basically 0 exp playing this kind of game and i would comunicate by text only. if that's ok with you i would love to join

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