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    One-shot: Starfinder Society One-Shot Pact World Warriors (SFS #2-01)

    Date: SUN January 5th

    Time: 7 AM to 12.30 PM UTC


    A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1Ė4.

    Recovering from its recent trials in the Scoured Stars, the Starfinder Society finds itself the target of a vicious media smear campaign. To combat this unexpected threat, the Society sends a group of agents to build up some standing in the Pact Worlds by taking part in a series of televised events orchestrated by the undead media mogul, Zo!. What these heroic agents donít know, is that their competition is willing to do whatever it takes to stop them from restoring the Societyís tattered image.

    Content in Pact World Warriors begins the Year of a Thousand Bites storyline.

    Written by Jenny Jarzabski

    Scenario Tags: Faction (Acquisitives)

    Event details: here

    Future plans: Probably another one-shot in a few weeks. Be sure to post on the FGC Discord #starfinder channel if you are interested in a One-Shot or a class so Iíll know whether there is enough interest.

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    So, I take it that FGC only did Starfinder classes in 2019, and ended Jan 5, 2020??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuleen Donai View Post
    So, I take it that FGC only did Starfinder classes in 2019, and ended Jan 5, 2020??
    That'd be a bad assumption. More indicative that they aren't updating the forum topic instead

    Your best bet would get on the FantasyGroundsCollege web page and discord for current info
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    Actually, I did that first, and at least for the month of July, and the last time I looked at FGC (June?) there were NO Starfinder sessions.

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    There was a SF GM class July 16th and a SF Character Creation class yesterday (and some other classes in other months; edit: roughly one every month).
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    Starfinder Fans!

    This month of May 2021 is SF focused, using Fantasy Grounds!
    We have several classes, a few one shots, and more!
    SF FGU Class list.png

    SF FGU.png

    Join our community if you have not already!

    Hope to see you all there!

    ps. We are getting support from Paizo and Smiteworks!
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    These are wonderful! I signed up for most of them. Iím Pacific Coast Time Zone and these work well for me.

    Are these PDT? (Not PST?)

    Also, why is the Skittershot game at 3AM?? :-)
    Too late for me Iím afraid!

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