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    Fantasy Ground College (FGC) Class, One shots, Demo's, and short adventures times

    Hello all,

    Interested in Learning about Starfinder on Fantasy Grounds?

    The posts in this thread will be calendar events offered on the FGC website for Fantasy Grounds Starfinder.

    Steps to join:

    1. Register on the FGC website

    2. Click the link to the class you want to join

    Fantasy Grounds website: https://fantasygroundscollege.net/

    Fantasy Grounds calendar: https://fantasygroundscollege.net/events/calendar/

    Time convertor: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
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    Can we please sticky this thread?

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    I am the leader of Team Paizo in Fantasy Grounds College and I approve this message. :thumbsup:

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    Starfinder Society One Shot Game

    Date: Sunday 3/10/2019

    Event details: https://fantasygroundscollege.net/ev...iety-one-shot/

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    Starfinder One Shot Game

    Date: Wednesday 3/20/2019

    Event Details: https://fantasygroundscollege.net/ev...nder-one-shot/

    Hope to see you there.

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    Hello All,

    Class: Getting into Character

    Date: Wednesday, 4/24/2019

    Time: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC-5)

    Event Details: https://fantasygroundscollege.net/ev...nto-character/

    Thank you

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    Class: Starfinder Basics on Fantasy Grounds

    Date: Friday, 26th of April

    Time: 5-8 PM GMT

    Content covered:

    Part 1: Starfinder on Fantasy Grounds Basics, e.g. rolling initiative, making skill checks, targeting, …

    Part 2: Starfinder Character Creation on Fantasy Grounds

    Part 3: Free discussion about Starfinder rules/automation/specific questions etc.

    Event details: here

    Future plans: Depending on interest, probably a practice game/one-shot next week.

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    One-shot: Rude Awakening (Starfinder) for level 1 characters

    Date: Thursday, 2nd of May

    Time: 5-8 PM GMT

    Content: You wake up from cryogenic sleep on an unknown starship to the sound of klaxons. What do you do?

    Event details: here

    Future plans: Probably a little break next and then a Starfinder class followed by another one-shot in a few weeks. Be sure to post on the FGC Discord #sci-fi-genre channel so I’ll know when there is enough interest.

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    Hello, I have been trying to find someone with a SF server so I can create a lvl1 SF character. I have played SF P&P for almost a year, but new to FG. I do not own the SF core book so can not create a character outside of a SF server. I have created several 5e and 3e characters so I have a good handle on the process. Or if you have a pre-roll I will use that.

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    Feel free to contact me to arrange a time (usually GMT evening or weekends works best for me).

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