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    Here is another one for you MBM.

    Change the Map grid 5' into 1 or 1.5m squares. The Link below is how it is done in 3.5. I would do an extension, however I do not know how this will effect your code since I cannot see your real code as it is encrypted.

    If you can put an option in the GM Options section to allow a variable that would even be better, you could even use this down the track for range combat target numbers. I know even more work but no harm in me asking <smile>
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    Not sure, where we are Traveller-wise atm. There is an eerie silence here

    What I just stumbled over are effects. The dialog to create effects (like "Poisoned" and "Burning" or similar) doesn't really work yet, does it? Or am I missing something?
    I just found the description for DnD 5e effects here:

    I would like something like that. But at first it must not be that refined. Right now I would like very much toi have a way to apply an effect-based damage each round for a given duration.
    There is already a number field that you can edit, which states the number of rounds the effect lasts (subtract one for the actual round). Now I'ld like to have a possibility to add damage, like "1d6 fire" or if the damage differs for each round something like "1d6 poison, 1d6-2 poison, 1d6-4 poison" ...

    That would do nice for now.


    @MBM hope you're allright.

    ps: do we have "poison" as a damagetype yet? Asking for a friend
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