I've tried some options on and off to find the best settings for me.

I have a bard in the game this time so I'm trying to manage the information revealed on Attacks and Saves.

I set it up right now so that: When a player attacks they see a dice total but not [HIT]/[MISS]. They can choose to add Bardic Inspiration.
I set it up so that: When a player is attacked they see a dice total but not [HIT]/[MISS]. The bard can choose to use Cutting Words.

The problems is with the second portion. If I roll a 10 against a PC, and have a +4 on the attack; the chat shows "PC is attacked with 14". So now they already know the result which they shouldn't based on Bardic Inspiration and Cutting Word.

I'm looking for a way that in the same example it shows "Pc is attacked by 10" (reveal only the dice roll). Then they can choose to Cut it or whatever. If they do or don't then I say it hits or misses.