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    It's a megathread, but the most popular ideas get voted to the top. I'll take this over the current system any day :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pastiche View Post
    Hmm, it seems uservoice no longer has a free plan...

    How about upvoting in a reddit thread, like here:

    A feature request tracker like Idea Informer where you can't find previous feature requests is essentially useless in my opinion...
    "As this thread is never permanent, I suggest also posting your suggestions on our official forums "

    Doesn't sound that useful to me.

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    The reason why it's not permanent is because the TTS guys recreate it every few months to 'refresh' it. There's nothing that prevents you from keeping the thread pinned forever.

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    I think the biggest downside of the ideainformer wish list is that it is a different site that most (I'm guessing) FG users, and even most FG forum participants, don't check very often, if ever. That won't be addressed by using a Reddit thread instead.

    I think maintaining a sub-forum here on where the ideas are listed and linked would solve the problem, but I acknowledge that there are a helluva lot of ideas currently under consideration, and so maintaining that list would be a pain in the fundament.

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    There are some other free options like Gitlab (milestones). You can submit a request and then it can be tracked. You can watch the issue and get email updates when something changes. Doesn't have a vote option. There is also a discord plugin that lets you push those alerts to a channel.

    It tends to be more useful for developers wanting to give users more transparency with changes and requests progress.
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