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    Gathering info about how this might work...

    So this looks like it could be pretty interesting, at least as a player. Trying to be a DM here would be fantastically expensive. I mean, I already own the books that I use, and rebuying them, even the core set, is close to $200 dollars, so that's out. Plus, I'm trying to run homebrew stuff, so...

    But as a player, if I got the 3.99/month option, would that be good enough? Would I also need to rebuy the PHB?

    I'd also be interested in finding a 5e game. Any advice on the best places to find something like that? I know the forum here has a thread, and there's a calendar as well. Is there a discord group? Or Reddit?

    Anyway, thanks for any info

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    Hi RedDuck, welcome to FG.

    As a player, providing the DM has the Ultimate license you don't need to buy anything. The demo will suffice and the DM can share whatever resources they have with you.

    As a DM, then you will need at least a Standard license, which will mean that only players who also have a standard license or Ultimate license can join your game.

    If you are creating your own thing then I'd suggest that the PHB would be the least of what you would want - if only so that your players can create characters. You can get away with the SRD for monsters and magic items - at a pinch.

    More information in this thread.

    As for finding a game, yes there is the thread here on the forums and there is a Discord channel too which also has a DM looking for players and a players looking for game channels.
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    Also, check out FG College (http://www.fgcollege.net)

    And, if you are looking to create homebrew, you can pick up the FG version of Monsters of the Guild which is a great monster resource. The pdf verison is here, but should have a link to the FG version. I would give you the right link, but the site is down so I can't get it for you. Hopefully it will be up by the time you read this.

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    Hey thanks for the info all! I appreciate it.

    The homebrew stuff that I do is just a hand written campaign with custom maps. Everything else (so far) is drawn from the standard 5e books.

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    Technically, you don't need any of the books, you can enter the data yourself. You buy the books because it saves you a ton of time.

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    Yeah, buying the books makes it much easier

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