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    Hard Computer Crash

    Hey everyone, I am sorry for having my first thread be a complaint so to counteract this I will say that I have been using FG for almost 4 years now and I love it. I have a lot of memorable within this software and I am trying to make memorable moments for my players now in the Mad Mage's Dungeon but I can't do that if my entire computer crashes without warning every 10 minutes. My specs are below and I will say that I am willing to try a multitude of things to get this fixed. I love this Software and I just want it to work.

    OS: Windows 10 Home
    Processor: i7-7700 @ 4.2 GHz overclocked
    Memory: 32 GBs
    Motherboard: TUF Z270 Asus Mark 1
    Graphics Card: 1080 TI
    Storage: 1 2TB HDD and 1 1 TB SSD (FANTASY GROUNDS saved on the SSD)

    Thank for any help and assistance


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    There is no issue with the computer specs.
    Are you saying the computer crashes every 10minutes when you are using FG and no other time?
    If your CPU is overclocked it may be a heating issue - over time your heat sink will have accumulated some surface dust and your fan may have also been clogged a little and this could be resulting in higher cpu temps?
    How much RAM is your computer using with your campaign loaded and how much is FG using?
    Do you have 2 or more sticks of RAM in the computer?
    Can you test using half of the RAM?
    Then test using the other half only?

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    Any clues in your system event logs after the crash? Blue screen? Describe the crash more specifically. Describe actions you were doing just prior to the crashes.

    Could even be a card that needs reseating on the motherboard. More details needed to help you diagnose further.

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    I am having the same problem, FG will hard stop my entire computer, frozen screen (no blue screen or bug splat or error msg). This only happens with FG and no other application which makes me think its not hardware related. Have you found any solution to this?

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    The most common cause for FG crashing is memory consumption. FGC is currently a 32-bit program (that's changing with FGU, see the Kickstarter page for more info about FGU) so it can only use about ~3GB of memory before it hits a wall and crashes, regardless of how much memory the itself computer has.

    Memory issues typically happens when there are one or more of the following conditions:
    -Too many modules open
    -Too many tokens loaded
    -Large images being used

    Open up FG and check the memory use by doing this (in case you don't know how):
    1. Right-click on the Windows Taskbar and choose Task Manager.
    2. If there is a "More details" button at the bottom, click that to see the entire Task Manager.
    3. In either the Processes tab or the Details tab, find Fantasy Grounds and check how much memory it's using.

    The amount of memory used will vary as as you do things like open/close modules or images. YMMV but mine typically hangs around 1.2-1.5GB, which is safe. You'll risk crashes if you get over 3GB.

    I'm sure a friendly AI will be around shortly to fill in any information gaps I've left...

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    So I checked out my RAM usage and I also sit around 1.2-1.5Gb

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralAckbar View Post
    I am having the same problem, FG will hard stop my entire computer, frozen screen (no blue screen or bug splat or error msg). This only happens with FG and no other application which makes me think its not hardware related. Have you found any solution to this?
    If your computer completely freezes then this probably isn't RAM use (FG usually shows "Runtime Error: Exception: bad allocation" errors when running out of RAM).

    Freezes like you describe are more than likely related to the graphics card/graphics driver. FG uses an old version of DirectX (version 9) and this can sometimes cause issues with new graphics card and driver software.

    - updating your graphics driver. If you're on the latest, try an older version.
    - tune the advanced settings of the graphics card - reduce various 3D settings like anti aliasing, etc.. Try reducing the 3D settings right down, and if that helps then experiment with turning the settings on one-by-one and trying to identify which setting might be causing the issue.

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