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    How do you handle shapechangers?

    Im wondering how people handle shapechangers in Fantasy Grounds, like when creatures switch from Human, to Hybrid, to creature. Is there an easy way to swap the token in the map? In Roll20 I use a rollable token for this, Im just not sure how to do that here. And with CoS, theres plenty of shapechangers.

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    You can just drop a new token onto the CT tracker entry to change it.

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    I use either an effect to adjust stats/abilities or I give the player control of an appropriate NPC. For tokens my players prefer NOT to have a chance so they don't get confused, they like to remember which one is them by using their normal token. but for my own NPCs, I drop new tokens as Andraax mentioned.

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    You didnt say if NPC or PC. For PC, duplicate character sheet (export, rename file, import), change stats, token, portrait, and stuff as needed, and give control to PC, removing their other character from party and adding Shapeshifter char. After this, its just a flip between changing owners and changing party sheet member.

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