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    Error Message when deleting NPCs off the Combat tracker

    Since I only get this on Savage Worlds, I think it΄s probably better to post it here:

    Script Error: [string "ct/scripts/template_groupcount.lua"]:52: attempt to index upvalue 'nodeGroup' (a userdata value)

    Everything still seems to work fine, just get this error, whenever I delete the last NPC or last PC off the combat tracker.

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    I am getting this also. It isnt every delete, about half of them.

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    It is happening to me as well.

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    Just tried this out myself... It happens with both PC's and NPC's, but there's no consistency to it. Just seems to happen at random.
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    same here. very inconsistent but happening a lot

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    Same here, I thought it only happened when deleting NPCs, but today the error arose for PCs also.

    Line 52:

    function groupCount()
    return nodeGroup and nodeGroup.getChildCount() or 0

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    I'll add my name to the pot of very randomly getting that error message when clearing the combat tracker

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    Joining the chorus. See this as well.

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