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    @vegaserik Try downloading and install Windows .NET 4.6.1 Here is a link

    Let me know if that works.

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    Says I have it or a later update already installed. I think it's me, the last few weeks have been like this for everything hahaha

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    Just found one of the decals for this in the FG store that did not correctly escape ampersands in the extension.xml file for and (i.e. AD&D -> AD&D)

    Also, there was an unneeded extension2.xml.

    Just thought I'd mention in case you hadn't already seen those.


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    Version has been released. Fixed XML Encoding Error, Aligned form fields, Added revision to version numbering scheme, added automatic update feature.
    Note: You will have to manually uninstall any old version before installing v1.1.6.25

    Download GMW Decal Maker

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