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    As you (more specifically Jack for you) already applied outside of FG, you are of course in.

    @Everyone else: As my FG database was corrupted I had to restore an earlier one so please make sure your characters are up-to-date. You will also have to import your portraits again.

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    As we have a number of new players: The server is up.

    Game time in around 2 hours.

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    Chronicle drafts sent.

    Next game either SAT 6.30 PM GMT (1-13 On the Trail of History 3-6) or something else on SUN (as some regular players would not be able to make it that day).

    Edit: With the Online Support Program website not yet working electronic reporting might still take some time.
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    Next game:

    As some regular players could not make it this SUN, I'll see whether I can do SAT 6.30 PM GMT (#1-13 On the Trail of History 3-6). No promises though.

    If I don't feel reasonably confident that I can make the date I would run a different scenario on SUN 1.30 PM GMT instead.

    Edit: If anyone can't make SAT though please let me know and I'll try to take it into consideration.
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