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    Hexplorations by Inkwell Ideas

    The folk over at Inkwell Ideas (https://inkwellideas.com/) have started putting out an interesting series of blog posts they are calling Hexplorations. Each one is a way to create interesting randomly generated locations that are ruleset neutral. They are intended to be used for Hex-crawl games, but are useful tool for just about any game. I began converting them into story templates and tables so they could be used in Fantasy Grounds. I reached out to Inkwell Ideas and they graciously allowed me to post my conversion of their Hexplorations here. I will continue to update the Fantasy Grounds module as they release new ones.

    This module should work with any ruleset.

    How to use: Open up the "How to use" story entry, select the desired entry and click Generate.

    Current Entries
    2019-01-07 The Observatory
    2019-01-15 Shipwrecks
    2019-01-25 Wizard's Tower
    2019-02-01 Fort/Stronghold
    2019-02-07 Shrine
    2019-02-14 Lighthouse
    2019-02-22 Tomb
    2019-03-23 Magic Gates
    2019-04-04 Floating Castles
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