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    FUM Open Gaming Table......?

    Please comment, would like to hear everyones thoughts on this idea:

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    Of course it sounds good to me Snik, BFRPG ruleset should be done really soon (been slakcing off the last few days). But as it stands now, all thats left to do on the BFRPG ruleset is to finish up the monsters and rearrange the NPC descriptions and it should be good to go. Of course it needs to be played to find out if I missed something. Should be a good way to hop into a game without having to commit to a full campaign. Plus it'll give some of the new guys some time to get comfortable with the software.
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    WOW, I thought there would be more replies to this by now, nobodies interested???
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    Think everyone who wants to talk about it decided to post on the FUM forum instead of here.

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    hehe, guess I should check over there more often.
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    I find it really interesting because there are lots of people around always asking about games, and yet the only people who responded to this were people I already to talk to off forum. Oh well, tried to get games going, but I guess people aren't interested after all.

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    May have something to do with the time zone ... I'm in Australia and you're in The States ... non-compatable times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawnikky
    May have something to do with the time zone ... I'm in Australia and you're in The States ... non-compatable times.
    The trick is mate is we'd be willin to work with people on compatible times

    I already do this to meet with my gf who's in Denmark - so I tend to keep to hours that match hers during the weekend - I'm sure some of us would be more than willing to accomodate players from Down Under...
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    Right, I already keep really goofy hours, so playin at 3 am MST wouldn't be a problem with me.
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    The idea is too get a few DMs willing to run a game here and there, various game systems, various times, whatever, no set time or anything. This way over the course of a month or two, surely a game would come by that would be a good time, or a particular system that you might want to try out.
    This would work even better if SW could get a way to allow the GMs to have a sort of floating license so anyone could play without a purchased lic, then we could use these games as a sort of try-before-you-buy game. Or if the demo could connect to a licensed version or something (perhaps put a time limit or connection limit or something).

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