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    LFG 1 Player, GMT -6, Any Evening (Not late), Sorcerer, 5E

    Hey there.

    I really can't stay up any later than midnight CST.

    I would like a group with a heavy emphasis on roleplay. I want character interactions, both between players and NPCs.

    I would like at least 75% roleplay, if not higher. If a typical session is 4 hours, I'd like to spend less than an hour in combat. Of course this will ebb and flow, there will be sessions where you're in a town and have no combat at all. Adventuring sessions where you have a little. And if you're in a dungeon it's reasonable to for there to be more combat. Definitely don't want back to back dungeons and CONSTANT fighting, though.

    A homebrew campaign would be FANTASTIC.

    I would like lots of NPC interactions.

    As for my character. I can't say too much here, but the nature of my character makes it easy to tie it in somehow with the campaign. A Sorcerer, heavily focused on being good socially. Definitely want to be the talker/persuader/deceiver of the group.

    Assuming everything goes well I'm hoping to find a group to stick with for a long time.

    I'm free every evening.

    I have the Standard License. I'm 24.

    You can PM me or just respond on here.

    Or, add me on Discord: Varlun#7634



    I WILL be sure to update this when I am no longer looking.
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    Still looking for a group... it's hard to find a game! I'm really wanting to try out this character.

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