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    How does the law and morality work in your setting? In Europe, for a decent bit of history Royals murdering their siblings and/or parents to take power was considered a legitimate power grab in many countries and still happens from time to time today. The classic Greek stories of Edipus Rex and Electra for example, both include children murdering their parents. In one case the child keeps the kingdom and marries his mother, in the other she commits suicide after murdering her family to avenge her father's murder by the mother and son and mother's new lover. Hamlet could count too with a murder to steal the throne. Henry the second was killed (chased until he died of exhaustion and illness) by his son Richard (the lionheart) who inherited his lands and was accepted by the realm. Edward II was captured and imprisoned by his son and wife (plus her lover) so the son could take the throne (and so the wife could be with her lover). Basically a modern reliving of Electra actually except with no Trojan war connection. And the list goes on and on both in literature and the real world history.

    I guess I just wonder why it is a problem unless your world has post French Enlightenment-style laws and morality? Most of the Forgotten Realms does, for instance, and so does Eberron by default. But I don't like to take it as a given that all worlds do. As Lord Entrails mentioned some might side with the child not the parents if the details were revealed.

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    Depending on the party, since not much has been told about them, that sounds like a good section of political/espionage roleplaying. Depending on the Queen's character playstyle they could do alot of setup to work on getting her desired outcome. If the party has been wandering around they could call in help and favors from past associates.

    As a thought, since I it wasn't listed as to how abdication works, if she is killed the throne picks the next closest blood relation OR if she abdicates then she would be able to choose the next ruler. This would setup a situation where some people would want her dead because they think they or someone they have good ties or control over would become the next ruler VERSUS those who would be working to have her choose person X or Y who probably wouldn't be chosen if she is killed. You could have anywhere from 3 basic factions to a bunch though I would suggest no more then 5 to keep things from getting out of control.
    Ideas for factions:
    * Person X by her death (2 or at most 3 of this)
    * Person Z by her abdication (again 2 or at most 3)
    * Person F working with Half-Orc (could be same as either X or Y person)
    * Person A working in collusion to destroy her country
    * Person G, self-centered and greedy lookin to get as much as possible and then escape (copy of parents)
    * Group S hoping to make her stay as Queen, guilt her into it
    * Person M hoping to marry her, become king then let her leave so they can rule

    The player could spend some time gathering info and sneaking around, avoiding and fighting those trying to capture or kill her. While gathering assistance and aid from acquaintances or friends from past adventures. Have allies go to her country in preperation for whatever she plans for.

    Favorite advised author for something like this would be Alistair MacLean, there are some others that I can't recall at the moment but he is my favorite for the protaganist being underhanded, sneaky, political and victorious in believable ways.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback and ideas. I ended up going with the hand in marriage idea from Andraax.

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