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    Thank you for the detailed write up on each class. I've started adding them as projects in github. I have limited time over the next week, but should be able to hit them soon. It takes about 2-4 hours work to completely rebuild a class from a fresh copy/paste of the SW5e PHB pdf, so this should allow me to focus on what's changed rather than a wholesale redo.

    I'd also like to figure out how to make some of these lists of optional features into something the player can drag into their character sheet when they choose them from the list... it's similar to how the warlock works, so I'm sure there's a way... but par5e can be tricky to figure out the "correct" way to do it. Currently they are just lists under the class feature that provides the list and players need to just type in their choices. I'll add this as a project after the updating is done.

    I've also searched and found any changelogs from the sw5e project that have come out since my last update. Might be a good way to double check things:

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    Update to updating to the current (Nov. 2020) SW5e PDFs.

    • With the help of lordcygnus, the classes, backgrounds, feats, and races have all been updated.
    • Next is equipment. This should be done shortly. Keep an eye out.
    • Finally is spells...

    Spells will be updated as time allows. These are symptomatic of the entire SW5e project.
    In the past 10 months after declaring the "final" version of the PHB content, they have added over 100 new spells... at least, the count is still going.
    I will not simply copy in the text. These will have full effects for use in the combat tracker. So this update will take time.

    Why take the time to code effects for every spell? Because this is Fantasy Grounds. If you just want a simple spell name and some text, why not just use roll20? The automation of the combat tracker for the players and the GM are what FG is all about!
    So, until this massive update is complete, simply add the spell to the players sheet and use the PDF.
    If you see an NPC in my PHB module that uses a spell not update yet, tell me, and I will prioritize it so the NPCs all work in the combat tracker.


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    I just wanted to say thank-you for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated. I started inputting everything manually in to my copy of FG and only got weapons and about 1/2 the NPCs entered. Nothing else. Then I asked in the facebook group if anyone had done an FG SW5e module and no one responded for days. Finally I googled it and this came up in the search. From here I was able to track down your files. They are awesome. I understand why they are read only due to the amount of work that went in to them as I can attest to the small amount of work I did on my own before finding your files. I only wish that there had been an unprotected version and I like to sort my NPCs my way but I can work within your categories just as well. Great job. THANK-YOU.

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    Thank you Randor.
    I'm not quite sure what you mean by read-only. As a GM you should be able to copy any NPC and modify it. I am trying to emulate the PHB and MM way of doing things from 5e.
    Also, I have everything (all files, source, etc.) available to anyone who wants it available on github. You can find a link in the first post of this thread.

    I am working on a complete overhaul that will be updated and hopefully in a single module. It hasn't been easy, so there have been some delays. But, it should be done in a matter of weeks.

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    Version 3.0 (pre-release) is ready for testing.
    (do not use if in the middle of a campaign, let more testing happen please!)

    This is a complete overhaul of my Fantasy Grounds module for SW5e.

    - Everything in a single module file. So there's one mod and one extension. Available do download here.

    I need some more eyes on this, I will be testing this as much as I can, but I have limited time, so my own testing will be somewhat slow. Any assistance is appreciated.

    Edit note: the release link above will be updated while testing until the final release of SW5e Fantasy Grounds version 3. So, check while testing to see if a new file version is available.
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    Hello, I'm starting a Star Wars campaign and just found this thread! Such amazing work will definitely be utiliziting this download! I have installed it and one thing I've noticed as an error is when Twi'lek language is brought onto a character sheet from the race it separates the language into Twi and Leki, instead of one language.

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    huh... well, hadn't noticed that one before. Thanks for reporting it.

    Looking deeper into this, for now you need to edit the character sheet entry for languages and enter the correct language as Twi'leki
    I don't see any problem in the module XML, so this looks like a FG issue. If this continues to be the case, I may have to report it as a bug.

    This is indeed a bug in both FGU and FGC. It has been posted in the house of healing forum. But, since this is a long standing "feature" I would not expect fast action.

    Work-Around: until FG is fixed do the following when creating a Twi'lek player character:
    • After dragging the race onto the character sheet, open the Abilities tab
    • Delete the false languages Twi and leki
    • Then manually enter a new language as Twi'leki

    I will add a note about this in the SW5e reference section of the module.
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    Another great version Pico. Nice to have it all in one module and extension. I was wondering if you plan on fixing the NPCs: AT-AT, AT-TE, AT-ST, AAT, and the IG-227 Hailfire Class Droid? You have one of their actions listed as the Type of NPC and it makes it a little more difficult to sort NPCs by correct type. Also you could fix the Twi'Leki language issue just by removing the apostrophe in the race language information

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    I've been struggling with the gargantuan size issue for a while. It's a bug with par5e, not Fantasy Grounds, so there's nobody to report it to. But, now I've written a post-processor for par5e, so I might be able to add a size fixer.

    On the Twi'leki issue, if you add the language in a way that does not match the pull-down in the chat window, then the players who speak that language will not get auto-translation.

    Also, Moon Wizard says a bug-fix is going in for this issue soon.

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    FYI. The issue with the language Twi'leki has been fixed with today's update.

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