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    While working on my module I came across an apparent oversight in the SW5e extension. The extension still uses the base 5e classes in the power and DC cyclers (for example, when adding a heal effect to a power, you click on the Stat box and it cycles through the attributes and then the classes) instead of the SW5e classes. I know very little about extension coding so it took me longer to wrap my head around things than I'd like to admit but I think I've finally got it fixed. Now when clicking on the box it'll cycle through the SW5e classes and properly add the bonus based on the class levels.

    I used the following abbreviations but if any have better ideas for them, they can certainly be changed.
    Berserker = Brs
    Consular = Csl
    Engineer = Eng
    Fighter = Ftr
    Guardian = Grd
    Monk = Mnk
    Operative = Opr
    Scholar = Sch
    Scout = Sct
    Sentinel = Snt

    I did test each class, adding levels and seeing the bonus change so hopefully it'll all work correctly but I really muddled my way through it so someone with more knowledge may want to double-check.
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