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Thread: New Token Packs

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    Ooh, wouldn't it be nice to see some of these as a stretch goal on the KS...

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    Would have been, yeah

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    Token Pack 5 submitted - 6 is on its way and will contain bodies

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    Hello - trawling this thread and will include most requests in pack 6, underway.

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    Meanders Token Pack 6 - Series 1 ($9.99)

    This set is designed as a starter set of much-needed RPG icons, labels and symbols for use within Fantasy Grounds adventures.

    Assorted shapes such as Diamonds, Stars, Circles, Triangles in a wide range of colours
    Height and Depth Markers from 5ft-100ft marked in colour
    Compass Roses
    Assorted Skull and Crossbones, Handprints, Arrows
    A Range of transparent coloured Light Sources
    Trap, Trap Disarm Tokens
    Griffon/Shield markers for armies.
    Target markers in red and yellow and transparent
    Zzz markers for Gas, magic and normal sleep indication.
    Treasure Chest, X and First Aid icons.
    Danger Markers
    A Range of colour-coded Action Labels such as Safe, Dangerous, Collapsing, Hiding, Dodging, Helping, Escaping etc.
    A huge range of World Location Markers in Green and Yellow pointers for marking regional maps.
    Speech bubbles and coloured tags

    Should help somewhat with marking regional maps, larger scale combat simulation and here and there be handy for having a useable icon to indicate something.
    (Submitted to Smiteworks).

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    Bodies will have to wait until pack 7.

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    Hi Everyone - Pack 6 was just released. Pack 7 and 8 are underway. I've covered most of the suggestions here now - Any new requests? Or feedback from existing sets?

    Also - I have a note on my to-do list to contact Smiteworks about making token packs useable outside of Fantasy Grounds.

    When the smoke clears I will look into making them available for Campaign Cartographer as was also requested.

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    Pack 7 submitted to Smiteworks:

    This token set features lots of blood and gore and much-needed entrances, exits and specialized terrain features. It has prone bodies bloody and unbloody, blood smears, broken weapons and shields of war, arena traps including the devastating rollers of death, ropes over chasms, ropes, a huge variety of stairs, terraces, ladders, bridges, revolving doors, sewer grates, optical hole illusions (for ladder and rope) as well as general furnishings. In addition it features a new element to my map packs called 'Transitions' that offer lava, slime and a chasm with outcropping rocks that you can use to block halls or drop down as large obstacles for players.

    Prone Bodies, bloody and unbloody

    Broken/Damaged/Blood Swords and Shields

    Swords and Shields

    Crates, Boxes and Barrels Cluster

    Anvil and Forge

    Standing Suits of Armour

    Blood Smears

    Arena Style Traps (Hover over them and use mousewheel to make them revolve!)

    Broken Wall Section

    Dresser, Table of War, Guards Beds, Table and Coins, Throne Chairs, Workbench

    Four Different Kinds of Timber Stairs, Terrace Landings and Terraces

    Multiple Spiral Staircases and a Large Assortment of Stairs

    Transitions: Lava, Lava B, Slime, Slime B, Chasm.

    Stretched Ropes and Rope over Chasm, Rising/Disappearing into the ground

    Sewer Gratings, Loose Timber Planking

    Flat Ladders, Ascending/Descending, Rising/Disappearing into the ground

    Various Animal Rugs

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