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    it would be interesting to see it
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    That looks awesome! Can't wait to see it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Hey Carter77 I have a MoreCore extension that I am working on (although its stalled just now) for L5R also.

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    Any progress or chance this will be available?

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    Hi - Ive been working on another project that has just been mostly finished.
    I need to do some ongoing updates on that one that will gradually taper off.
    I will give this some attention over the next could of weeks and make it available.

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    Nice work! it looks great; I am very interested to test it!

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    Playing L5R on roll20 and struggling with library limits... Can't wait for progress on this ruleset. Miss running games on FG.

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    Has this been made available yet?

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    I really really want to see this ruleset get done I have been wanting to run this in fantasy grounds for some time but I lack the knowledge of the skills to do the custom dice facing. I have been running this game for the past two and a half years at the table and would love to introduce players online to this game as it is now my favorite RPG. Fantasy flight games hit it out of the park with this rule set. Fingers crossed we'll get to see some movement on this
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    @Damned please, don't leave us hanging here. Please please please, my L5R face-to-face group needs to use Fantasy grounds now!!

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