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    [FG Daze] Encounter League - Streamlined one shots and arena battles

    This is a bit different... I've started a group that is something like a west marches meets one shots meets lair assualts meets arena battles hybrid. It is just in it's alpha verison, but to give players more options on FG Daze, I figured I would open the alpha to a wider audience that day. I recommend joining one of the other sessions if you are looking for a full one shot experience, but if they don't work out for you logistically, or if you just want to get some 5E combat in (with light story), while testing out a new character idea and meeting some other players, feel free to sign up and jump in.

    I'll be starting the sessions at 2pm EST but I can't say exactly what time you'll be able to jump in an encounter. It'll depend on # of players. But I'll try to keep it rotating quickly and it's very flexible, so feel free to pop in and out as you please. For more info on the concept and the style of play, check out the website, or join the discord channel.

    Discord Server:

    If you plan to join, I recommend creating a 3rd level PC before hand to be able to jump in the action quicker. You can view the fantasy grounds forums for more info on how to do this. I will have some pregens available though.

    Calendar Link:
    Number of Players: Open, but up to 5 players at a time for 30-60 minute sessions. You may be able to play in multiple sessions depending on # of players in queue.
    Short Description: You are part of a large mercenary guild taking on short contracts and peforming in a legendary arena to recruit new customers.
    Text/Voice: Voice
    GM License/Player License: Ultimate
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    Great! Thanks for running the game. Can you also post a notice here — — and link to this thread? (That helps players find you.)

    Good to see an innnovative new format!

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    Sorry, not sure what you mean? I've got a post here in the forums and a post on the FG games calendar? Where else do I post?

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