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    Three FGU Questions - Movement, DCC Augury, Showing Monster Pics (Edited)

    Hey guys!

    New to FGU, and setting up our first game for this coming weekend. I have some small questions, if anyone can help

    1) I'm trying to manually input a tabletop character, who has a birth augury that grants +5' movement. The movement box doesn't allow editing, how do I grant that character extra movement?

    2) I don't see an augury chart in the tables module -- but it does generate auguries when new characters are created. Where can I find this chart?

    3) I have a picture of a monster that I want to share with the party, but for some reason, when I see the thumbnail of the image that I saved in a directory, but I can't open it like a map? I've tried PNG and JPG, no go. Is this not allowed?

    Thanks folks!
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