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    Script error when NPC tokens already on, or added to, a map.

    There is one error that is occurring in the game for the players and usually shows up when the combat tracker(CT) is shared, followed by any map.
    It seems to occur when either NPC tokens are added to the map or if they are already on a map, pre-setup.

    I want to say I noticed this after the last update or two for FG within the last month. I think it might have something to do with showing Identity in the CT.
    Apologies for not having confirmation more than the above info but I think I have witnessed this in two different RM campaigns. Also, Appearance seems to not work on the main tab of RMC for Dunadan’s campaign, only allowing a single numeric digit vs double digit entry - with an error showing up, then, also.

    I’ll confirm this Friday for both items.

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    I've moved this post to it's own thread. In future, please try not to post about an issue in an existing issue thread unless it's *exactly* the same issue being experienced. Start a new thread for a new issue. This allows each issue to be addressed by the community on it's own right and doesn't hijack an existing user's issue, discussion and resolution process. Thanks.

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    Thanks, man. I’m in Dunadan’s campaign where this is occurring so added it only due to that.
    Appreciate the work to move this.

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    Hi Majyk,

    For the appearance issue, is Dunadan using any extensions? The reason that I ask is appearance in the RMC ruleset is a number and not a string so I am trying to figure out how it thinks it is a string.

    I can duplicate the CT issue so I will investigate it and let you know what I find.

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    I have the following extensions enabled:
    RMC Stats Smooth
    Rolemaster Hide Skills

    Other extensions are present, but not loaded (see attachment).

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Thanks. The FGRandom extension is causing the appearance error. I am trying to pin point where it is being caused.

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    Just pushed an update to the RMC ruleset for the script error reported in the original post.


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    Just downloaded the update.

    We are playing tonight. So will let you know how we go.

    Many thanks
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    Thanks JPG!

    Also the Random extension is duplicating a few of the template names in the RMC ruleset. That is why the appearance stat is giving the error. Since appearance doesn't usually change much you might be able to disable the extension while making characters and then enable it when you are playing. But there might be other fields where this can happen also since a few templates are impacted by this.

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    OK, will try disabling FGRandom when creating characters next.

    Although the players are hoping they won't need to create new characters any time soon...
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