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    Automatic dice rolling

    I would like to know if it is possible to get Fantasy Grounds to roll automatically one d20 every five minutes, and if a 20 comes out trigger a sound to alert me.

    I am planning to have a curse randomly affecting the characters, which has a 1/20 chance to happen every five minutes. I would like to avoid to roll manually, and I would like the sound to alert me so I don't have to check every time in case I forget (I guess DeluxeOz extension can help in this?).

    If, as I fear, Fantasy Grounds cannot handle this, does anyone know of a software who does?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is nothing like what you are asking in the FG features.

    Maybe just set a timer on your phone while playing in order to roll the d20?

    For sounds, you can look at the DOE extensions which provide a way to trigger a shared sound though Syrinscape. If the sound is only for GM, then the timer workaround seems like it would be good enough.


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    One thing to be aware of, real time usually does not equal game time. Doesn't mean you can't use real time, but just be aware that it will often/always not match game time.

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    Thanks for the input.

    I was looking for an automated system; seems I am out of luck!

    I'll try to look around the web for some software, as I want to avoid to roll manually. I just would like to have everything in the background and forget about it until the desired result is rolled.

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    As an option: Since you're going to make it occur due to 'real-time' rolls, why not calculate when it happens?

    Roll 1d20. Multiply by 5. If you roll a 13, it occurs 65 mins into the session. Set an alarm.
    Roll again after the first time. It's roughly the same odds, except that it can never be longer than 100 minutes, unlike your system.
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