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    Change the diagonal movement


    Ive always found the diagonal movement rules of 3.5 more annoying than anything else, is there anyway to change it to simple 5ft all the time?

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    Ignore the pointers and just count squares?

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    There's no option for disabling the diagonal 1.5 distance determination for 3.5E ruleset (though it could by someone building an extension mod).

    While I can see how removing the diagonal counting rule in 3.5E would potentially be a simplifying factor at a live table, when playing on a digital table where the distances are calculated automatically should make it un-needed (at least to me).


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    Well the 5e ruleset has this option and im just wondering why this one doesnt?

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    This rule set is based upon the 3.5/PF rule set and has since been modified to do SF. The not counting directional movement has been built into the 5e rule set and has not been replicated here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davido1000 View Post
    Well the 5e ruleset has this option and im just wondering why this one doesnt?
    Because for 5E the 2 movement options are specifically listed as options in the 5E PHB (5' per square, even diagonal) and DMG (5-10-5 diagonal variant). So they were added to the 5E ruleset.

    In the 3.5E PHB measuring distance (page 147) specifies the 5-10-5 diagonal measuring. I'm not aware of the simplified measuring system being documented in the core 3.5E rulesbooks (PHB or DMG) - hence why that was not added as an option to the 3.5E ruleset.

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