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    Include PDF files?

    Has the option to include the PDF of a product when purchased on FG ever been explored? I think many people would love the idea of paying a bit more to get the PDF format of a product alongside all the exact same content formatted for FG. That would allow for a more natural read through than what the reference section sometimes gives right now. And allow for offline reading a bit easier.

    I have seen some stuff from D&D offered through DMs Guild in PDF and FG formats, is that an option that might be forthcoming on other platforms?

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    I‘d say it depends on the publisher‘s strategy. There is already a sync option for Pathfinder / Paizo products.

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    Yes, it's been explored - it needs the publisher to get on board.

    The only one so far is Paizo for their Pathfinder and Starfinder products. They even give you a discount if you already own the PDF (bought at

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    PDFs are available for Paizo products. They are not for D&D products available through the FG Store.

    Some products on the DMsGuild include both PDF and FG modules, but those (as far as I know) are all third party products. There are no legal PDFs of the official WotC 5E products (depending upon what you consider the UA articles and the Eberron guide.)

    You can get a detailed explanation of why the WotC distribution model really doesn't support what you are hoping for in this video;

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    Even on DMs Guild, there has been a tendency to keep the PDF and the FG module separate with the FG module often costing more than the PDF and not including the PDF. I am not fond of that at all.
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