FG License: Ultimate
Game System: Castles & Crusades (With AD&D 2E Spell schools/Spheres and Proficiencies)

Time Zone: PST/PDT
Day of week and time: Sunday 6pm
planned start date: Game is ongoing players can start this Sunday.
Planned Duration & Frequency: Games are weekly as long as we have at least 3 players. Games are no less than 3 hours but not longer than 4 hours. I make my best attempt to stop sessions at appropriate places narratively speaking.

Text or Voice: Voice
Voice software used: Discord
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? Sessions are not Streamed or Recorded.

Roleplay & Combat mix: Role play and Combat Mix varies from session to session. When players head off to a dungeon the focus tends to be more combat/dice heavy, while in town there is a much heavier emphasis on Role play.
Number of Players in game & needed: 2, Currently there are 4 players I want us to always have at least 3 players online for each session. But I would like to have no more than 6 players online at any given time.
Character starting level & equipment: C&C is experience based not level based in terms of class balance. New players will begin with 50,000 xps, roughly level 6 for most classes. They will also receive 1 magical weapon or piece of armor no greater than +2 in strength or a pair of +1 items. Magic items in my games are pretty rare excluding potions and scrolls and I favor quality over quantity.
Character restrictions: Classes have been slightly altered from the core C&C rules to accommodate a wider variety of play styles and options for the players. I am open to allow most of the Class Kits offered in the old 2E rule sets. If it is one I have not yet converted to C&C then we would need to speak before the game to ensure the class is usable in my campaign. Characters are created with me so time would need to be set aside to do so prior to game day on Sunday.
Details of your scenario: The campaign takes place in Forgotten Realms. I do my best to keep the campaign as open ended as possible. There are a wide variety of small quests that players can choose to follow up on and there are several larger campaigns driven by multiple factions that can be tackled if the players wish to go after them. Also it should be noted that while I do take events from actual timelines in Cormyr, I take creative liberties to change events that occurred after the Time of Troubles in order to avoid Meta Gaming and to allow the players not the NPC's to affect the world. This is your story not Ed Greenwoods.

Right now the campaign takes place in Cormyr in the town of Thunderstone. Thunderstone is a small town with no walls to protect it. The year is 1371 DR and Cormyr is still recovering from the recent loss of King Azoun IV. This has caused the nation to pull back most of their armies to the western reaches to beat back the remaining orc and goblin hoards that have ravaged the lands during Nalivara's assault on the kingdom. King Azoun IV has fallen as well as his eldest daughter Tanalasta. Tanalasta's Son Azoun V is only a few weeks old and so it falls to the youngest daughter Alusair "The Steel Princess" to lead.

With the small amount of soldiers left in the eastern lands of Cormyr it has been up to adventurers to help keep the small towns of the region safe. To help with this, the Princess has removed the Peace Bond requirement for weapons. Though Adventurers are still required to register a charter or join a mercenary company if they wish to engage in expeditions to the various ruins and points of interest throughout Cormyr.

Thunderstone has been racked by several events in the last year:
  • Many of the dwarves were enslaved for a large scale excavation by an unknown faction in the Hullack Forest. This was thwarted by the party and a large Grove was found along with an ancient elven burial site.
  • A strange fog continues to persist to the east of Hullack Forest and the river there has been heavily contaminated by a Hag. The Hag was killed but their are strange demonic horse like creatures that reside in this water still.
  • A Den of Wererats was discovered under the town. Some of them were taken care of but most have escaped.
  • Many of the smaller shops in Thunderstone have had to close down as Sembian Merchants have used the war to corner the market in this town. They now control most of the goods coming into the town.
  • The Battle Chaplain Isaac Black, Highest ranked cleric of Tempus has gone missing, he was last seen heading to Wheloon but has yet to return.
  • Of the 25 or so Purple Dragons that remain in Thunderstone all but 5 will be heading to Wheloon to await new assignment to assist with relief in the western territories. It is unknown when soldiers will be able to return to Thunderstone.
  • Children have been going missing for a couple months. It was discovered that the children were being fed to some fell creature that was being kept under the house of one of the Towns Bakers. The baker and the creature were dealt with.
  • A large portion of the Docks have been sealed off by the Purple Dragons due to a disease that seams to be plaguing the area. However with the Purple Dragons being pulled from town they will no longer be able to effectively quarantine that section of town.

I do not use the game calendar. All information for sessions are noted on the discord server.

How to join: Either leave me a message here or send me a PM. I will respond to messages in the order in which they are received. After players are selected they will be given a link to the Discord server and we will set up a date/time to create your character.