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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    Of course, you can't totally isolate your sandbox as you will need to allow TCP traffic both direction to port 1802 to your sandbox.
    The OP mentions being a player, not a GM. So there would be outbound communications to the GM's TCP port 1802, the local player client will use a dynamicly assigned client port. @galschia as a FYI: The current FG uses IPv4 only.

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    You have network concerns and file system concerns.
    As a player there is no need to have any "server" ports (eg always open and listening for unsolicited traffic) open/configured. You will of course need to be able to connect to the FG Update servers and to the GMs server.
    You can change the file location for the app files and data files to something that you choose. FG does not need (and should not other than for testing) to Run As Admin.

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    If you are so worried either don't use the software or run FG in virtual machine. I confirm it works on VMs if you provide proper support for DirectX to the guest OS.
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