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    Very cool my friend
    Hope to see more work you´re gifted
    Big Hugs
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    Thank you very much Blue!

    I already have a set done, called Basic Fantasy Set and I'm waiting for FG's reply for my request to put it available on the market!

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    In case readers aren't aware, or seeking specific custom tokens, Bernado offers custom token creation at a very reasonable price, inc, commercial tokens. I had 21 made recently for a new project and was very happy with them - I also support his patreon to get more of them monthly. Highly recommended.
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    Out of curiosity, what a reasonable price is?
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    I'd like to have some tokens made.
    Where can I get more information? Do you have a link to your gallery of tokens you've already made so I can see more of your work?
    Would like more information.

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    Hey, thanks for sharing and love the .mod file. Cheers!
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    Great !
    So, may I ask if you can create a special token from this picture https://images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca88...wKsKjTgbvgpra8

    Because I tried to do it myself and it... well, see yourself xD

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    Very cool Bernardo thanks for sharing

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    Very nice work Bernardo, thanks for sharing!

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