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    resize combat tracker

    in my game the combat tracker will enlarge but not shrink down to width of chat box is there another place to configure window sizes or could it be because I choose the wizards window when creating my game?
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    No, the CT has a minimum width to it as defined in the ruleset. Were you to be allowed to be narrower than it does, not everything would fit and you would then need a horizontal scroll bar (which it currently does not support).

    You can change it, but you would have to write an extension using XML and LUA and redefine all the frames and windows. It is certainly possible, but it's not a few minutes work. Plus, you would have to figure out how to resize and re-layout everything. But it's possible.

    Do note, their is the chat command /scaleui ## which would allow you to scale everything, and not just the CT. (where ## is a number between 80 and 120)

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