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    Skill increases. Question and suggestion.

    Hi guys. Having some experience now with FG, mostly with the D&D 5E ruleset, I am pretty excited to start using it for CoC7e. Now I know we might be talking about two different scales of support, but one think is just eluding me.

    Is there anything programmed to automate the skill increase procedure? I know you can check the box red when you successfully use a skill, and I know why that isn't automated. Is there no automation around this process?

    Now, what would I like to see?

    As a suggestion, i would love the option to make those check boxes Keeper only. Yes, a bit more work on the keepers part, but I think locking that down to only allowing the keeper to determine when a box gets checked would allow for some better control. It also takes it out of a players hands so they have less to worry about.

    Also, like in the D&D ruleset, I would love a single 'award XP' button for the Keeper. When this button is pushed, all those skills with a red box get rolled to check for increases. Those that get an increase get the d10 added, then all those red boxes are cleared. Sort of like a long rest and award XP combined I guess. There aren't too many things in Call of Cthulhu that really need automation, but I think this is one that would go a long way toward making life much easier on players and keepers alike.

    Now, it is a very real possibility that I am an idiot, and this already exists. If so, then 'yay!'. How the hell do I do it?

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    Hey i3ullseye

    Thanks for the suggestion. The option does not exist. Will discuss with ianmward and will respond either way. He is occupied elsewhere just at the moment so it will be a week or two...
    In regards to having the Keeper manage the ticks - its not something Im in favour of - the Keeper already manages far more things than the players and everything that can be offloaded to players should be...

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