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    New to GURPS LFG, any setting

    Hello all

    As the title says, I've never played gurps before, I've really only ever played dnd 5e, pathfinder, and starfinder. I would like to learn gurps because it seems like an amazing system. I'm having a hard time finding alot of beginner material, so I was hoping to be picked up into a group that would be willing to teach as we go.

    My schedule is inconsistent but very free.. I am in PST timezone

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    Hi Elfazar! GURPS is a fantastic and flexible system. My regular group is at capacity, but as I told Ezra in another thread, I could arrange a one shot adventure at some point.

    As for beginner material, the free GURPS Lite (Warehouse23 / DriveThruRPG) available from SJ Games is a good place to start. The SJG Gurps forum is also very welcoming to beginners.

    Other resources:

    GURPS Discord Channel where you can chat GURPS players and may even find a game.

    TheMook's blog has some useful beginner material.

    Hope that is useful.
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