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    Must have extensions?

    Hi all,
    Im new to FG, over from Roll20. Watching guides a frequently mentioned extension is that layer extension to give maps layers like in roll20.
    Whilst browsing I found in quite overwhelmed by the amount of extensions available.

    So my question is: including a layer extension, for playing 5E D&D, group of 4, with all three core books, what are the best extensions for me to pick up?

    Especially if they fill gaps between Roll20 and FG functionality.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Well, I'm biased (I wrote a lot of these - actually, I wrote all of these ) but I'd recommend the DOEs (that's Dulux-Oz Extensions): DOE:Locations, DOE:Organisations, DOE:Sound, DOE:Weather, and the DOE:OLE if you need to hyper-link to outside material, plus you can add in the following two "tools": the DOE: Alignment Graph and the DOE: Campagin Style Graph Extensions.

    Other people will recommend other Extensions, and some people may back up my recommendations (come on, people, back me up, please!)

    And, for the record, you could also check out the great FG Tutorial Videos available on YouTube - damn's are good, as are Xorn's, and people seem to like mine as well.

    And Welcome! to the Community.
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    Welcome to the FG forums!

    My first recommendation would be not to start using a lot of extensions. I know it’s natural to want to use functionality you’re familiar with. But get to know what standard FG can do - embrace it, don’t try to make it like roll20. I frequently see users load up every single extension they think sounds interesting, or even just so they think they have every single piece of functionality available to them in their game. Don’t try to be an extension completionist! Extensions can frequently clash with other extensions, can have compatibility issues with FG upgrades, or just have their own issues/idiosyncrasies.

    If there is one or two extensions that you really, really, feel you can’t do without, then make sure they’re compatible with the recent version of FG, read all the details of what the extensions does, and doesn’t do, and just load those up when you game. Over time you’ll get to know what FG can do and how you want to use it. Then you can begin to introduce extensions you feel you really need, but don’t go mad and enable a lot - you will have compatibility issues sooner or later.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, sounds sensible!

    I have no trouble with biased recommendations, no shame in asking for support!

    Layers is a must for me, I always felt Roll20 needed more, so which extension do you recommend to add map layers? (DOE one included ;-)

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    First of all welcome to the community!

    I would agree with what Trenloe said, that it is a good idea to play a few games without any extensions, just to get the feel for the core application to before you add further complication / building blocks to it.
    I'd also like to point out one thing that helped me a lot, was to realize I could load up a second client of FG on the same computer that is hosting the game, and being able to connect to the game as a player. This allows you to see how things look and behave differently from you GM side. To connect simply join a game at 'localhost'.

    After that, as a fellow 5e GM, there are a lot of great extensions out there, I use a number myself. Best way is to play around and experiment with them.
    I'll make a shameless plug for one that I develop, the 5e Combat Enhancer. I feel it does just what the name implies, with a lot of quality of life improvements, layers, horizontal health bars, custom graphics and other such things. It has a little learning curve but worth it ultimately in the end.

    Have a look if you'd like:

    Hope you have fun here on FG, it's a great community!
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    I'll second Trenloe on this. Start small. After a couple of years with FG, I only use a few extensions and wouldn't be devastated without them.

    One thing to remember, when FG updates (the version, not the weekly content updates), you have to assume every extension you use will break and make the software unusable. They all won't, but if you think you are safe before you test then you just dug yourself a hole.

    Realize that once you update, you can not go back to a previous version (unless you do things yourself outside the updater). So, if you are using extensions, then assume you will have to wait at least one week after a version update before you can update. AND you will have to manually update all community extensions.

    Folks like Dulux are awesome about updating their extension (and his extensions ARE pretty awesome), often within 24 hours, soon after a version update. But, if you can't live without an extension, don't count on it.

    Note that both the Enhanced Layers Extension and the Combat Enhancer Extension both disable one of the new functionalities (image as background) of the latest version. I suspect that will be corrected soon, but its unknown at this time.

    For reference, I typically only use the NPC Flavors and the Improved Critical extensions. Next on my list to incorporate is DOE Sounds. And if I start a campaign that would benefit, DOE Locations. I did a review of the DOE Alignment extension, you can get an idea of what I think here (note, I admit I'm a very critical reviewer, so I consider 4 stars VERY good);

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    My suggestion is to run without any extensions.

    First become familiar with the FG platform and how its works - once you are happy with it - identify any short falls in the product for the way you play. Then see if any extensions out there fill the shortfall.

    I would also assume all community extensions are broken at a FG new release which then gives you the fall back position of running FG without any extensions.

    Also some community extensions can stop being developed - take the amazing Advanced Combat module for example. This was the only extension that I ran and now its no longer available I have fallen back to running vanilla FG - though I do have my eye on an alternative.

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    As a fellow Roll20 convert who plays 5e, I also agree with the others in that you should do a session or two w/o extensions.

    Then grab the Combat Enhancer extension. It has layer support built in and helps correct some of FG's shortcomings compared to Roll20. Could I live w/o it? Yes. Do I want to? HECK NO!!!

    As for other extensions, I really don't use many:

    • CoreRPG - Table Import (if you want to create some rollable tables by copy/paste, then ignore us all and grab this one immediately)
    • Coins Weight (adds burden from coin weights, the default 5e char sheet does not)
    • Core Sidebar for 5e (colors the icons on the right side, making the one you want easier to find)
    • HiRes fonts (makes it easier to read text at high resolution)
    • Message of the Day (simple extension that pops up a window for your players to read each time they log in)
    • Window Save (made by Smiteworks, simply remembers the size and placement of windows)

    Good luck w/ FG, and ignore the rumors of this so-called "Fantasy Grounds Unity". Will it exist some day? Probably. Is it worth worrying about, no. Play FG for what it is, not what it might be some day.
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    Can you link me to HiRes Fonts? I can't find it on the forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacDork View Post
    Can you link me to HiRes Fonts? I can't find it on the forums
    I don't think there is such a thing. I'm assuming they mean this
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