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    Adding additional or alternate criticals to weapons/spells

    I'm stuck on the following items:

    1 - Trying to add an additional critical to a weapon (ie a mace that does an additional "Cold" crit in addition to the normal Krush crit).
    2 - Having a spell use an alternate critical (uses the Shock Bolt attack table but does Impact crit instead of Elec crit).

    I can see where the alternate/additional crits are in the weapon/spell tab, but I don't seem to be able to edit them.

    Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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    Hi dunadan,

    Open up the tables from the shortcuts in the upper right and drag the appropriate table to the additional or alternate critical table fields.

    For alternate criticals, you need to select the Alternate Crit #1, #2 or #3 from the Critical Table field. It will use the critical table that you added to the appropriate fields. It will use this in place of the attacks default critical table. To use the original critical table set the Critical Table field back to Attack Default. The Mod field is a modifier to that attack role when using that critical table.

    This is how you would accomplish #2 in your examples. Just setup the shock bolt attack and set the Alternate Crit #1 to use the Impact critical table and change the Critical Table to Alternate Crit #1.

    For additional criticals, the Lvl Diff field is to adjust the critical severity. So if you put a -1 in the field the critical severity will be reduced by 1 severity. An E critical on the main critical table would be a D critical on the additional critical table.

    For setting up the mace in your example #1, drag the Cold critical table to the Additional Crit #1 table field and level the Lvl Diff field as 0. When you right click the attack result you will see an extra radial menu option(s) for the additional critical(s). Just apply the original Krush critical and then additional Cold critical one at a time.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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    I tried all methods of entering info into those fields. Never thought to try "Click/Drag". :-(

    Just done it and works fine.

    Many thanks
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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    I tried to get them to work as drop down lists but couldn't get it to work so it ended up being drag and drop instead.

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