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    Importing maps into RMC version FG

    Hi guys

    I'm having trouble importing some home grown maps into FG. I'm running the RMC ruleset. Everything I have seen online refers to the Core ruleset and these functions (drag and drop maps) doesn't work for the RMC ruleset.

    I have even tried adding the map to an existing map pack (ie FG Battle Maps). But after my changes to the module it no longer runs.

    I have de-constructed the FRP Goblin Raiders module and still am unsure of where I've gone wrong. Ideally, I'd like to be able to re-create a new module with maps/npc/tokens/etc

    Would someone have a template module that I can use?

    Thanks in advance
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    You can just drop the files into the images sub folder of your RMC campaign folder. It will automatically create image records for each image file.

    If there is no folder button in RMC ruleset images list, you can find your campaign folder in the “campaigns” folder within FG data folder. The FG data folder is available by the folder button in the upper right of FG launch screen.


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    Launch FG
    On the Splash screen click the Explorer icon and go to /campaigns and then /yourcampaign and then /images
    Drop them in there and FG will see them.

    As to your messed up map pack - do not include the parent folder when zipping
    Make sure the extension is .mod and not .mod.zip
    Make sure you only use ZIP compression and not any other.

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    Thanks guys.

    Found the folder icon on the Launcher screen. Worked fine.

    And Damned you were correct, I had been zipping the files with the parent directory. Beginner error! Should have remembered that from when I was making my expansion module!

    Maybe still recovering from NYE... must have been something in the bottle of wine!

    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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