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    My recommendation for a player new to FG would be soldier over mystic but it's up to you.

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    Reminder to send me either your previous chronicle for the character you want the credits applied to or - if it should be applied to a new character - your player name, character name, organized play #, character #, faction and (if applicable) starting credits for the new chronicle sheet.

    "All players who play the entire module receive the attached
    Chronicle sheet, which may be applied to any 1st-or 2nd-level PC
    as if that character had played the module"

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    Thanks so much for running the game and letting me join as a complete new person to fantasy grounds.

    Here is the info on my SFS character:
    Player name Rob McCleish
    Character name Luvara Filentar
    Organized play number 334369-701
    Faction Wayfinders

    My starting credits from my last session was 1579.

    Thanks again!

    Also, was my microphone ok? Should I look into getting something better? If the quality was poor, I will try to improve it for future sessions.

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    Draft attached.

    As you already played the character, in order to fill it out completely I'll still need character chronicle # and starting XP/fame/reputation

    If you need to make any purchases or spot any errors be sure to let me know (here/Discord/email), otherwise I'll sign it.

    No problem, I hope you had fun. Most things you pick up automatically after a few sessions.

    In my opinion, audio quality was not the best quality ever but it should be good enough.

    See here for the next game.
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    Ok, this will be chronically sheet #3 for me. Previous Xp was 2 (1 for each). Total game is 4 (2 from each prior).


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    Signed version attached.

    If you need to make any purchases or spot any errors be sure to let me know (here/Discord/email).

    Do you need a signed Welcome to SFS chronicle sheet?
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    No. I have one already from the PAX unplugged sessions I attended in Nov.

    Thanks again!

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    looks like your box is full and cannot take anymore pm's.

    thx for running the session!

    here's my 2nd starfinder toon: 39519-702, acquisitive, to apply this chronicle.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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