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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezra View Post
    I can happily report I found a game. If you want to run a one-shot though, Ronnke, I'd be interested. I want to get fluent with the system, so the more practice, the better.
    Great news. The one shot is still a option as others have expressed interest in it. Just need to work out when.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seycyrus View Post
    Pray tell, who's game is it? What setting?
    Hi Seycyrus,
    The game is starting this coming Thursday (Jan 10th). The era is 1920, the place is a lonely village in Spain somewhere south of the Mountain chain separating France and Spain. Ultimately, should the characters survive the first scenario, they shall return to their more comfortable surroundings. Or not.

    The basic premise is that the world, still reeling from the massive casualties of the War to end Wars (later known as World War I), the sudden losses of millions to the Pandemic of 1917, 1918, and lesser incidents of influenza that would claim less lives - a resurgence in Spiritualism has risen. Ouija boards are becoming popular and many would claim to be able to contact the other side. Thousands have returned home, changed individuals, suffering from what in later times would be named PTSD. Some came home after leaving their body parts or even health in the no man's land between the trenches. Some wish they'd never come home at all.

    Enter two individuals - one an investigator who debunks frauds, and another who teaches at a university for a living. Why those two start off at a remote place in Spain is the start of the tale, and it probably doesn't help that getting to this place was accomplished for both, in the dead of the night without a moon.

    GM: The location is such that you're not entirely certain where you are. You know your last big city was Toledo, home to the secrets of the crafters. But once you embarked on the wagon, drove through multiple villages, and wound up in the wilds, days later - you still don't know where you are for certain, but the forbidding part of the mountains that you see to the north of you suggests you're near Northern Spain, maybe Southern France border...
    GM: the night you get there, is a night with out the moon.
    GM: Standing in what seems to be a totally wild place, is a lone man, in a peasant's garb, with coarse brown fabric of some kind. The fact it is dark in the night is bad enough, but the light never seems to shine directly into the man's face. Worse yet, he never utters a word, but uses hand gestures for you to enter what appears to be a rough trail leading to the foot of either a small mountain, or a big hill.
    GM: normally, during the ending of Summer, the nights would be reasonably warm, but there is an uncharacteristically cold wind blowing, as if to suggest that mortality of fall leads to the death of winter time...
    GM: as he takes you to a path, he gestures up towards a flight of stairs, leading up the side of the uphill climb. In the dark, it is hard to see where the stairs lead, but up the stairs you must go, and go, and...
    GM: go.
    GM: upon reaching your destination, you will be met by a man who will speak to you in Spanish, and then change to English saying "I am Brother Victor of the Brothers of Silence and Study. I will escort you to your cell. Please, no talking, as it will disturb the others at their studies."
    GM: once he's done leading you into through a door carved into the cliff side, you're almost certain you see a pair of eyes reflecting light from inside - eyes of a child perhaps, for the height is not very high. Sadly, you can't see the child by the time you reach where you think it was.
    GM: more than anything that you are aware of, you can hear your heart beating in the overly oppressive silence that has settled in.
    GM: and with that, we'll leave you to the moment when you two shall meet.

    Ultimately - it is a 150 point campaign for the players - who are aware that their characters have 150 KNOWN points - with the GM having an extra 50 points spent on SECRET advantages and/or capabilities. If any of you have read any of the EDEN STUDIOS products like WITCHCRAFT, MYSTERY CODEX, ARMAGEDDON, etc - you might have an idea of where I'm going.

    Suffice to say - a night in Spain will begin a journey that may change them forever, or leave them in a place where those who fail, are forgotten forever.

    Normally, I limit my player size to two players. This is in a large part, because the campaign progresses at the speed of the slowest typist. I unfortunately, have a hard time hearing Skype, so the game is strictly chat based. That having been said, If anyone is hard up for a campaign, a horror style (actually, think of it as a horror/modern fantasy blend) - I might be able to squeeze one more player in.

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    as I reread my screen shot attachment to the email - I note that I goofed with setting up the Story Template. The one line reads [Tarot Card] instead of [Tarot Deck]. So, the fifth card didn't show up as it should have. Always good to double check things right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronnke View Post
    Great news. The one shot is still a option as others have expressed interest in it. Just need to work out when.
    Hi ronnke, I’m interested in the one shot—glad it’s still an option.

    One possibility is to run it as part of FGDaze, coming up in two weeks. damned just opened the thread here:

    I bet a GURPs game would meet the goals of FGDaze quite nicely—“Our primary Aim is to provide more opportunity to new players to get a game and meet other gamers...”

    If that doesn’t work perhaps we can look at other dates?

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    Depending on the day and time, I'd be interested in participating in a one-shot as well. Being new to the system, I want to practice as much as possible.

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