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    Token Bag larger

    Trying to make the Token Area Larger but having no luck.

    Does anyone know how to adjust?


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    Token Case Larger

    I tried making changes in the UI xml file, but could not get it to expand.

    I went as far as removing the file, and it made no difference, So I know I am digging in the wrong spot.

    Any help is greatly thanked.


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    Had a hell of a time finding this (GRR search function telling me "box" is too small to look for!) but glad I did, as I've been meaning to make some changes to the token case myself.

    https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...st.php?p=20610 has an excellent explanation of how to resize the case, replace the background, and/or make it resizable.

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    I tried that but had no luck.

    Will tty again.


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    Are you working in the d20 ruleset provided? If you are this one is only provided as an example and FG still loads up all the files in the resource.pak file for its actual D20 files. You would need to rename the folder to d20_Larac or something and create a campaign with that ruleset to test.

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    Still lost, sorry maybe I am just tired.

    Made a new Campaign, non d20 tried the changes.

    But still no luck.

    Thanks for the help, not sure where I am gong wrong.


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