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    Isometric View

    Since the maps can overlay square or hex grids, would it possible to include a way to lay out a grid for isometric view maps at some point? Or is that something you are considering for the next FG update on the Unity platform?
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    I think the biggest challenge with isometric map grids is that the overhead viewing angle and view direction for the scene shown in the map will have a big impact on drawing a grid. To build a feature like that, we would need to add the capability to "skew" the grid on both axes, and provide an interface to manage that.

    Currently, the FG grid system only supports straight lines well, which you will see since hexes have more limited support. We're looking at updating the grid subsystem as part of Unity push.


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    If you look closely at a lot of Isometric Views there are very close to, or actually are, Hexagonal Grids.

    Of course, using the existing Hex Grid "locks" us in to only one viewing angle - but how is this different from the single viewing angle of "top-down".

    I would make the suggestion that if the ongoing work with the Hex Grid System were continued (& maybe even speeded up a little - please please please please please) then we'd kill two birds with one (Hexagonal) stone.

    Just my $0.02 worth.


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    Yes please to isometric squares/hexes for maps.
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    I fourth this! Reviving an old thread. Perhaps in Unity
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