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    The post for the AK extension this one has built on has long been deleted by the author. It did use to have some images explaining in some detail much of what it did, unfortunately I don't have a download of those posts.

    This extension however has added so many new things beyond that, and improvements and bug fixes of the AK extension, that it is very much it's own thing by now.
    The first post explains all of the main functions, shortcuts and menu items in a few words. This gets updated with any major changes. You can also look over the changelog on GitHub if you want all the nitty gritties.
    The rest is something that happens automatically in the background and you see the effect on your screen.

    If anyone wants to, they're welcome to put together a more comprehensive text. However to map out all the details would likely take hours of organizing, editing, image (screenshot) gathering, photo-shopping, and writing up to a professional level. This would then need to be updated with changes, so another timesink on top of actual development. That's why, as this is something I do in my spare time, I came to the conclusion that the most time efficient way to deliver the most value in the little time I have, would be a summary list on the first post. As is the case.

    But if anyone wants to feel free to put something more extensive together.

    When I look into Combat Enhancer Unity, I'll be more likely to put together a more comprehensive write up, as that project will be started from scratch with only my own code in it. But it will likely be a more streamlined extension, that focuses on the most important aspects only. Time will tell.
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    Nvm figured it out.
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