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    Hello! I have a problem and didn't see it on the thread (searched through some pages, not all of them), the extension works perfectly except for when a player or NPC dies, all the wound images appear but whenever someone dies this error appears on the console:

    Script Error: [string "scripts/manager_token2.lua"]:794: attempt to call field 'getImageControl' (a nil value)
    the only other extension i have installed is the "Current HP" one. Thank you in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexternaut View Post
    the only other extension i have installed is the "Current HP" one. Thank you in advance.
    Disable the Current HP extension. Then see if you get any errors.

    This extension does a lot of stuff, meaning it touches lots and lots of files and objects and functions. Meaning it will often conflict with other extensions.

    Edit: and Welcome!

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    Just a quick entry here for an issue I was having with Out of the Abyss. Eldeth Feldrun was causing issues with her ranged attacks. It wouldn't roll the attack and would cause a script error. After some testing to make sure it wasn't a combination of extensions, I looked closer at Eldeth's stat block and compared it to another NPC's with a longbow attack. In this case, a Hobgoblin. As you can see in the picture, Eldeth's stat block has the range syntax as 'ranged 150/600 ft.' when it should be 'range 150/600 ft.', as seen in the Hobgoblin stat block. When corrected, the errors stopped and the attacks worked as intended.

    I am posting this here, because I don't believe this issue causes problems when not using this extension.

    Eldeth Feldrun Ranged Attack syntax.png
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