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    GM 3.3.6, Player 3.3.7 - issues?


    I'm the GM and currently keeping it at 3.3.6 as atleast one extension I'm using is not updated to 3.3.7 compatibility yet ("Advanced Kombat (5E)"; licence issue I think).

    Anyway, if I keep on not updating to 3.3.7, but one or more players update to 3.3.7 - will this impact the game, or will they basically just use what I as the GM is using (3.3.6) ?

    (I've told them not to update, but at one time one will probably accidentally do it [tempting button...].

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    I’m not aware of anything that would break from having GM on older version, but that scenario is not tested.


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    There were some image sharing issues with earlier builds that I experienced so that could possibly happen...

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    was also thinking of Players getting trouble if an extension doesn't work with 3.3.7 (they are on 3.3.7, and GM on 3.3.6; and extension works fine in 3.3.6)

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    I ran a game Wednesday evening using 3.3.6. One of my players had already updated to 3.3.7 (I know this because of a message FG gave me upon them connecting to me), and we reported no errors or issues.

    But, we played, we did not comprehensively test

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