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    I have been playing as a player and had no issues. Since I started to dm a campaign, I can't pass connection test. For a short time (2 days), I passed the test but I failed again later. Hamachi was a solution, but it breaks the settings of another player who is also a gm in fg. Another player with the hamachi has constant connection and disconnection problems. It would be great if I could do it without hamachi

    1. Your LAN IP Address
    2. The first two sets (octects) of your WAN IP as displayed by Fantasy Grounds and as displayed by your Router (fg)
    for modem, I took screenshot
    3. Whether you are using Wired or Wireless (and not both)
    4. Confirmation that you have set your Adapter in Network and Sharing Centre to Private
    5. Confirmation of what AV you are running and whether you have set any exceptions
    windows AV
    6. Post the results of the tracert command (if you have security concerns you can remove this bit once its been responded to)
    jpg shared
    7. Confirmation as to what you have setup in your Router if changes have been made
    8. Confirmation you do or do not have any Virtualisation NICs
    hamachi installed and revmoed

    2020-08-06 (1).png
    2020-08-06 (2).png2020-08-06 (2).png
    2020-08-06 (3).png
    2020-08-06 (6).png
    2020-08-06 (7).png

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    Welcome Emre

    Im sorry but without your ISPs help you cannot configure port forwarding on your setup.
    You can try calling them and saying "You have a new home security system and you need an IPv4 port forward to manage the system"
    They may help if they are able to for that use case

    Otherwise you might try teh ZeroTier option
    It is very similar to Hamachi but maybe it will have less impact on your other friend?

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