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    Hitting Enter Doesn't Update


    I've had this problem for some time now and it is rather annoying.
    It is only happening with my laptop. On my PC, it is working just fine.

    When I go to any tab (NPC's, Images, Story, etc), type in some text and hit enter, nothing happens.

    I have to close the window and open it again for it to register the typed in words.

    Like if I typed "Orc", the list of NPC's won't update.
    But if I close the window.
    Open it again.
    It will have updated with all entries containing "Orc".

    The Enter button does work. I can create line breaks, activate icons on the desktop, etc.
    It is only in Fantasy Grounds there is a problem.

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    What ruleset? What extensions? Does it reproduce in a new campaign with no extension after you have run an Update?

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    Check the versions of the rulesets you're loading. What versions to they show in the chat window after loading the campaign?
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