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    There have been some tutorials made, but not in that long of a series, more broken up. FGC has some video, Digital Dave, Rob2e, etc. and the master, Zacchaeus. The following links give you months of content and good information. Most are centered around DnD5e though. (Rob2e) (Zacchaeus) (FGC) (Digital DM)
    Much obliged! Will go have a look. Was not familiar with Zacchaeus55 videos. Looking at the link you provided, it appears to be what I may be looking for. looking forward to watching a few of them.

    UPDATE: Thumbs up on Zac's videos! Very helpful. Have just started working my way through them, but it is already clear they are going to be very useful.
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    ok does the sale end at the end of the 3rd or the beginning? I ask because I get paid on the 3rd

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