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    Starfinder UI with the Doe Sound Extension issue

    OK I have DoeBase and DoeSound enable and I get the Sound Icon on my screen but when I click on it Its a complete blank window and there are no tabs on the side So I can not set any sounds up.


    Anyone else have this issue where it can not be set up

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    Whenever there are problems with community extension, your first place to visit should be the thread for the extension in question. Check that you are running the latest compatible version of the extension and look for any known errors.

    This is even more important soon after you've updated FG.

    This is a known issue and there is already a fix. Info here: http://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums...l=1#post418683

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    Thank you for clearing that UP, But I downloaded the extension from that link to begin with I just missed the part where he added the updated extension to the very bottom of the first post. I actually clicked the link that is listed in the section of that post called DOWNLOAD. I clicked in haste and had I read I would have seen the part to check the bottom of the 1st post.

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