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    Signal of Screams

    Wanting to run this adventure for my guys who are about to hit 7th, but wondering if it will be out soon.

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    I'm also curious about this because I really like this story and I'm wondering if I need to build it myself or if it's being developed already

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    Also Curious, I'll be watching this thread just in case someone answers.

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    Yeah, it's a little frustrating the thread has been up for over two weeks with no response. =/ They were doing a good job of getting Starfinder stuff updated relatively quickly, so I'm not sure what the holdup is on Signal, but at least an update would be nice.

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    But I know they've been having some issues, so I'll try and be more patient. I may just buy the pdf and build it myself as best I can until they are able to get it updated.

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    I know Russ has been ill, so that may be the cause of the delay.
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    This adaptation has been assigned and is being worked on by a developer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blahness98 View Post
    I know Russ has been ill, so that may be the cause of the delay.
    Yep feeling better now.
    But this is a AP so thats a different developer I don't do the Official Paizo Starfinder AP's
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    Any update on this? I'm getting close to starting this campaign and was hoping not to have to hand convert it myself. I know Starfinder devs all been having health issues, I'm hoping that curse did not spread to the AP developer too.

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    Any update on this? Seems like previous adventures came out much quicker than this.

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