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    (player)I'm new to 5e rules, haven't played since 2nd edition. Real life got busy for me and I flipped to video games (WoW).Now my schedule is free again ,available day/night any day just about ,except for occasion concert. LF level 1+ group with DM. I have Discord Just Mike#2872
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    are you still looking if so am interested

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    I am DMing the heir of Orcus verse 1 tonight at 7 pm EST (12 am UTC) if you are interested in showing up. It is a Tier 1 adventure. and I plan for either weekly or 2 times a week sessions to finish verse 1 and 2 then I have a select bit of encounters era adventures to run. the join link is THIS THING

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    im still relitively new to dnd but i do need a group may i join plz

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    Sure im new though so you might have to help me out a bit only played about 5 IRL sessions

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    I have a couple slots available. Currently I am doing games weekly on Thursdays at 7pm EST (UTC -5). Feel free to apply at the link in my post above.

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    Hey can i join I have the book for 5e. But i'm kind of new. When you get this can you say yes or no please. ty

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    Yes as long as I have less than seven players than my table is open to anyone with a standard license+ I also have a Sunday game starting if you would like to double dip ( A lazy Sunday with Lilly link in my signature)
    Discord for my Games:
    My Current Campaigns: Lilly's Dumpster Fire of Doom & A Lazy Sunday with Lilly
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    I'm looking as well. Any US time Zone during the week and GMT during the weekend is great with me, Long or short. I'm not new to DnD just fsntasy grounds. I am buying the ultimate license so that once I get the hang of the plateform I can DM some advantures as well. Beginning so that I can develop my toon.. Thanks. I don't see the sunday game mentioned.
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