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    Looking for 5e long term group weekdays

    FG License: Unlimited
    Time Zone: GMT (London UK)
    Day of week: Tuesday or wednesday
    Time: 10am-3am (not a typo)
    Term: Regular Group which I can take my characters from one adventure to another (not necessarily straight away though)
    Voice: Yes
    Game System Preferred: 5e DnD
    Fantasys Grounds Experience: Newbie
    Discord: dieseor#6904
    Looking for: Relax Fun group
    Last edited by Dieseor; February 7th, 2019 at 20:57. Reason: days changed as got a couple of groups now :)

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    I am doing the heir of Orcus verse 1 tonight at 12am gmt I plan on going for 3-4 hours. if you are interested in showing up. It is a Tier 1 adventure. and I plan for either weekly or 2 times a week sessions to finish verse 1 and 2 then I have a select bit of encounters era adventures to run. the join link is THIS THING

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