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    Announcement from Naiaj [to stress the importance, bad rhyming was used abundantly]:

    Quote Originally Posted by Naiaj
    PSA from your friendly SFS lodge:
    Don't underestimate missions, remember the dying conditions!
    Bring some serums of healing, so necromancers don't find you appealing!

    If you consume more than five serums of healing within an hour please see a doctor immediately. SFS is not responsible by any damage caused by or addiction to serums of healings. Please dispose of your vials in the trash, don't litter. This message is sponsored by Vesk Pharmaceuticals. Service with a smile and a doshko.

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    Thanks for the game....
    "Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind."...MJK...

    Dropbox Link To Maps Folder

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    Chronicle drafts sent.

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    Tentative January schedule

    5th/6th (67 % chance) Skitter Shot (Skittermander pregens only but relatively fun; can only be applied to 1st and 2nd level characters, so that might be an incentive to start a second character, be aware that this module is SFS legal for 6 players but designed and balanced for 4 players)

    12th/13th (67 % chance) Tier 3-6 (#1-15: Save the Renkrodas?)

    19th/20th (67 % chance) Tier 1-4 (#1-16: Dreaming of the Future or #1-18: The Blackmoon Survey?)

    26th/27th (25 % chance)

    February might feature the Scoured Stars Storyline Tier 3-6 (#1-11: In Pursuit of the Scoured Past, #1-13: On the Trail of History), maybe even Tier 5-8, at least one Tier 1-4.

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    thx for the detailed updates!
    roll dice. it builds character.

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